It was one afternoon where our beloved sir, Mr. Shri Kumar was enquiring us regarding our GIG economy task. Everyone was asked to take a job for GIG economy, we were not prepared and we got cold feet and, me particularly was in a quandary. My heart beat was almost audible. Finally my turn came and I didn’t have an answer prepared!!
When I told him that I still don’t have an idea, he lost his cool, I felt very bad and for a moment ashamed too.  During the session break, I badly wanted a cup of tea to come out of restlessness and that was finally a COME-TO-JESUS moment for me. We didn’t have a full fledged canteen that week due to a vendor change. A thought rose “why can’t we start a cafeteria in our college?” I said my idea to Mr. Srikumar sir in presence of our ma’am Ms. Saranya. Both were amused by my idea and our Saranya mam promised to get permission from the management. My friends Anusha and Sanjana without any hesitation joined their hands with me, which gave more confidence to me.


“What’s next”, was the question in our mind?? Surprisingly the very next day my friend Sarumathi also agreed to join us and that gave more confidence, as she is a wonderful cook and passionately cooks food for everyone and anyone!!
 Our first day was a little messy, as we were confused and couldn’t manage wisely, but we earned around 200 bucks. The next day we tried to divide our work, so that we could avoid mess up. And at this point, our friend Franklin too joined our team and thus the name SAFSS was ideated. (Samson, Anusha, Franklin, Sanjana , Sarumathi).
Thus the journey started, from buying milk to washing vessels we divided works among ourselves. Myself and Franklin gathered people and made them aware about SAFSS, a typical marketing work. Sarumathi and Sanjana took care of the cooking section and Anusha was handling the accounts. We worked for about 27 days and each day was a different experience. Initially we had a few coordination issues but as days went, our team bonding got accelerated and eventually the work was turned to be more interesting.
We learnt so many things like, stock management, time management, managing the wastages, understanding what people expect from us- hospitality and even patience. A few times we even met with huge wastage but still managed.


SAFSS was a wonderful journey for each one of us. As the saying goes, knows no five fingers are same; similarly we five are of different nature, but our team work made the impossible things possible. We learnt how to handle the situation though we had our own opinions. SAFSS will always remain close to our heart.


As our capital was more and we had operated only for about a month we couldn’t expect much return out of what we invested. Profit was not our motive. Even a rupee earned is due to our hard work, we cherish this more. This thought kept motivating us. SAFSS was a wonderful journey for each one of us. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to Mr. Srikumar sir for his continuous support and endless motivation and utmost thankful to our beloved Ms. Saranya ma’am for guiding, supporting, motivating and also tolerating us!

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