Event Promotion
Prince Naveen .A & Lineen .S

It’s a pleasure for us to share our experience from our GIG Economy Project. We thank our Sir (Srikumar Menon) for introducing us to this concept of Gig Economy. This project made a big impact within ourselves, we learned that it’s very hard to earn even 1 rupee in today’s world.
We were asked to find a part-time job for ourselves and to submit a report of our earnings. Having a time period and a task of earning money at hand, we were very confused and didn’t know what to do. We tried a getting a part time job at many places, but due to the time constraint it didn’t suit us, as it either was from 2 PM to 8 PM or 5 PM to 11:30 PM.
After a long span of hunting for a part-time job, we finally got an offer for promotion of an event organised at Sri Ganesh Mahal in Medavakkam, we accepted that offer and didn’t mind even though the venue was far from our college. 
It was a two-day job for us in the venue; on the first day we went to tie the banners in the venue.
On the second day we were asked to issue 2000 pamphlets in Pallavaram, Tambaram, Medavakkam and other surrounding places. We went to door to door and issued pamphlets. The obstacles we faced were unusual; we were chased by dogs and also by the house owners!! We stood at the Pallavaram bus depot and issued the pamphlets. We had to explain about the event to the people who didn’t know to read English, as our pamphlets were in English.
What we learned from this job is that, it is not that easy to earn money in this competitive world, never hesitate to do any work and keep away our ego and self esteem away. We received good feedback and reviews from the vendors and event management team.

Thank you

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