As part of the curriculum, the second year MBA students of IIKM Business School, Chennai were taken on a trip to learn about themselves and their class to Coorg.
The expedition started on 29 August 2017 with a group of 23 students accompanied by Mr. Ranjith Kumar and Ms. Priyanka. The team boarded the Kaveri Express to head off to Mysore. From there a bus was arranged to travel to Coorg.
By afternoon of the next day the team arrived at the guesthouse. The refreshments and breakfast were provided. Around 1.30 pm, the training started under the training team of IIKM Calicut branch lead by Mr Vineeth, Mr Rajeesh, Mr Jijoy and Mrs Vidya. It started with an icebreaker session where students were asked to form a circle facing outside. They were asked to clench their own fist tightly. The task was to unclench their partner’s fist. But the real game wasn’t that, it was to teach the students about letting go their ego. The ego was the clenched fist, it was metaphorically used to compare and show how we held onto our ego all the time. There was an easy way to win the game and that was by letting go of your clenched fist which means letting go of your ego that will create a win-win situation for the team as well as the individual.
After this, students were asked to write about 3 things on a plain sheet, roll the paper into a ball and throw towards the trainers at random. The snowball was passed back to students with which they had to identify the individual who is the owner of that person. This tested how well the students knew their classmates – some of them figured out easily while others took time. Once they found their partners, a name tag was told to be created using their creativity with the resources provided. This was done so that the trainers could identify each one by their name and how well the students could depict their ideas. A treasure game was also played where students had to decrypt a coded message which turned about the number of a car parked in the guesthouse.
The trainers then spread coloured balls randomly on to the floor and asked students to pick up any colour as soon as possible. The students were then split up into teams depending upon the colour of the ball and around four teams were formed. Each team were asked to design a logo, tagline and a war cry. It was followed by team presentation. The team names were Shooting Stars, Unique Horns, GOT (Growing On Thoughts) and JDI (Just Do It).
A game called “Team on a paper” was conducted wherein the whole team were asked to stand on a paper sheet and keep on reducing the size of paper in halves as the rounds go by. It was an interesting task as some students had to be carried by other team members. This exercise was focused in achieving unity, teamwork and equality among teammates.
After this all adjourned for a delicious lunch. On returning, they could find 2 sets of glasses arranged in a series on two sides and two buckets of waters. It was a ping pong ball water cup race. The teams had to run a race to transport a ping pong ball from one cup to another by filling water in each cup and blowing water from a full cap to an empty one. This game thought the students to plan, coordinate, take chances and risks.
Outdoor games included ‘hot chocolate river’ and ‘drop the pole’. The hot chocolate river tested team’s unity and communication. While Drop the Pole involved the test of how leadership comes into picture, listening and keeping a steady pace. Two other indoor events included brainteasers- where teams had to solve puzzles and ‘Flying Ball Collector’ in which the team had to carry their teammate using ropes to help him collect the balls spread out on the floor.
The final highlight was the candlelight speech. At this time, each student was encouraged to come forward to share about themselves and their feedback about the session. The day closed with a scrumptious dinner and a small meeting with the students and trainers. The trainers and students were appreciated for their participation and efforts.
The next morning was a chilly day. After breakfast, everyone got together to thank the guest house staff for their hospitality. After that the students, along with the IIIKM staff moved on for light sightseeing and lunch. By evening all boarded Chennai Express to start the journey back to Chennai.

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