Panel Discussion - Current Trends in HR

The seminar on the "Current Trends in HR" was conducted by Mr. Ranjith Kumar who is the Regional Manager at Genius Consultants Limited on 21st September 2017. He has more than 5 years of experience  in the HR industry and has worked with various brands like Rolls Royce, Ducati, Triumph and other luxury brands.

He started with the basic question asked by interviewers such as "Tell me about yourself", making the students understand for what reason this question is asked.
He opined that it is the most difficult question most student face. The few things that one tests in an interview are the communication skills, hard questions asked to analyse whether you are bold enough to answer and etiquette - the way of dressing, the most crucial.

There are 27 departments in HR ranging from employment to the exit of the employee. About 20% of the employees in the company constitute the HR Department holding various positions such as Senior HR, Executive HR, Vice President HR and so on. From the traditional HR now the system has diversified
into different areas. Some of the functions involved in this department include Recruitment, CSR, On-boarding, Payroll and Employee Engagement. Before 5 years there was only a HR Recruiter now it has evolved into positions like IT Recruiter, Niche Recruiter, Non IT Recruiter and FMCG Recruiter.

Nowadays, the resumes are sent through Whatsapp and videos describing oneself are sent to the HR manager for the selection process. The interview is conducted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in companies such as Amazon, Verizon and Sutherlands.

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