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Gig Economics:

A business environment in which individuals are hired based on temporary positions.
As a part of our MBA, we were asked to enter into gig economics to earn pocket money doing temporary part-time jobs that we could find.
I, Since a young age, have been very fond of volunteering  and to get  involved in social service. As soon as I completed my schooling and entered my UG University, I started to venture out to find Non- profit organizations that I could volunteer with. And that is how I came across an NGO called Bhumi where I volunteered for the under privileged children for almost  5 years (May 2012- Dec 2016).
Later I was into various other organizations such as the Blue Cross Society of India, Chennai Trekking Club, Pudiyador, etc.
And while I was volunteering at Pudiyador, I got introduced to Uraguchi Chiai, who was also playing the same sport that I was playing – Ultimate Frisbee.
Uraguchi Chiai is a 37 year old from Japan who has worked with various organizations around the world and is now settled in Chennai. She went on to open her own organization called One –All in Chennai.
Uraguchi Chiai contacted me one day  and explained to me about her organization and asked me if I could be a facilitator at One-All offering me a stipend  to cover my personal day-to-day  expenses . She stated that she has seen me working with children before and I was also coaching a kids Frisbee team where she was impressed with my style of working with children and also the experience that I had.
One-All is an organization that works with school and community children teaching them life skills through Ultimate Frisbee.
Why Ultimate Frisbee?
Ultimate Frisbee is a mixed gender sport promoting gender equality. It is also self-refereed where the players are responsible for fair play and neat communication throughout the game.
What is my role at One-All?
I am a facilitator at their community program which runs at Dooming Kuppam, Foreshore Estate Beach.
I run session for boys and girls who live in the dooming kuppam community teaching and implementing life skills through Ultimate Frisbee. The boys and girls are aged from 8 years to 18 years.
Issues that we address through our program:
-    Gender Equality
-    Male Youth Peer pressure 
-    Sexuality and Sexual Abuse
To know more about One-All visit,
What I gain through the One-All program?
I have been working with children since 2012 and some of the most important qualities that I have developed over the years working with children are:
       - Creativity
       - Adaptability
       - Collaboration
       - Positive Thinking
This goes the same with One-All as well and it also gives me peace and happiness to be around children creating a change and to see them grow as individuals.
Apart from this, I also get a stipend on Rs.400 per session. I take 2 sessions per week right now and will start 2 more sessions per week from next month.


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