By Sachin Kumar R & Ganesh Ram

    As a part of our GIG Economy we met Dr. Manoj at one of the Dr. Smilez dental hospitals in Anna Nagar. It was just a casual speech between us. Until we met him we did not know that it is a live project. Dr. Manoj, came with big smile on his face and apologised at first for making us to wait for such a long time. He was so humble and we admired it.
    Dr. Manoj did not ask any questions technically or anything about our educational or family background. Later we understood that, that's the belief and respect he had towards Mr. Sri Kumar, who arranged this meeting and the man behind this Success Story.
    Dr. Manoj advised us to start the project from the following day we met him. Initially we had no clue about the project. We were given a questionnaire containing Seven Questions which, we were supposed to ask Dentists and have to Observe Five things which were challenging.
    We were clueless about the project but the motivation from Sri Kumar sir pushed us. We have been told that we should approach only individual Dental Clinics and not Dental hospitals. And also we should not disclose that we come from Dr. Smilez. Dr. Manoj advised us to approach doctors as a Student of IIKM Business School. We decided to start our survey from Anna Nagar where we found more than One Hundred Dental Clinics. We did the following things to do our survey.
    Downloaded Practo App from play store to find Dental Clinics in Anna Nagar
    We took print outs of the questionnaire
    Mentally prepared us for the challenge we might face
Before describing our Experience the following is the questionnaire based on which the survey was done.

    Dr. Manoj gave us a target of 75 Clinics to be covered, three in a day. We were asked to mail the report on daily basis before 10 p.m. and awarded two points for every clinic visited and reported before time. We have been told that negative marks will be awarded in case of failure of achieving daily target or delay in sending the report.
    We started our Survey with lots of expectations. We made our self mentally ready to face the challenge of meeting new people. We picked five clinics from Practo out of which positive response have to be got from three clinics. We divided our work among ourselves as one person will meet the doctor and the other will observe the clinic thoroughly. We did this on rotational basis. We couldn't believe that we got positive response from the first three clinics we visited. Day two was even more energetic as we successfully visited four clinics.
    We were even more motivated by those points awarded by Dr. Manoj and Sri Kumar sir. Then came along the anticipated challenge, on day three it took more than three hours for us to get positive response from three clinics. Few doctors were not interested to give their response to us, as they were busy with their patients. We showed our way out of the clinic by front officers.
    The following are the challenges we faced during our survey,
    Make doctors to believe that we don't represent any agency and we are doing this survey as a part of our University's Project.
    Explaining each question from the Questionnaire especially the 5th question as many of the respondents perceived it as contradictory.
    When we were denied of positive response, we prepared our self not to show the disappointment in our face which was even more challenging.
    Observations such as number of dental chairs and number of dentists was not easy as few clinics had more than one room and we had to count the number of chairs in other room without the knowledge of the front officer.
    We made sure that we get response from at least three clinics a day as we don't want to get negative marks from Dr. Manoj. As days passed, we found it difficult to visit three clinics in one area. From Anna Nagar we moved to Aminjikarai, Nungambakkam and finally to Mogappair.
    We had a great experience working in this project. We extend our Gratitude to Sri Kumar Sir and Dr. Manoj for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this live project.


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