My Experience as a Sim-Card Marketer

Everything starts at one point, similarly my exposure to sales started in the month of July, 2017.
I am working as an agent for selling Aircel Sim cards, this is my part-time job.
This internship gave me exposure to the outside world and studies. It was a whole new experience as it helped me gain practical exposure to clients and marketing when compared to what I learned in class.
My job also taught me “Money Management”, it helped me understand the real meaning earning each rupee and the value of spending and saving every penny earned by me.
I also leant “People skills”, by which i understood how to reach to customers and how to react to their demands and queries. It helped me groom professionally as a marketing person.
Since this job was target oriented, it made me a better sales person in tackling the target pressure and in learning how to work smart and effectively. 
This part time job made me understand the real world work place and how difficult it is to be a sales person who handles pressure and manages time effectively.

M.B.A ( 2016-2018 )



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