Our Internship Story: Corporate Talks

When we were told by Srikumar Sir that we had to organise corporate talks for the students by way of raising funds, it sounded like a big challenge. But today, we are proud of the work have done. We have successfully completed two corporate talks and earned a decent amount of profit as per the target given.
Our team consists of three students–Santhi P, Ann Treesa Jose and B.Reethi  Felisita. Our target was to do two events in the month of August. We were quite worried about making money as we thought students would be hesitant to pay. Therefore, we planned to give students some souvenirs and refreshments. But the main obstacle was: who could we call for leading the talks?
With the help of Srikumar sir, we contacted Dr. Manoj Rajan, Chairman of Doctor Smilez and Mr. Ram Srinivasan, Founder of Geovista System Private Limited for panel discussion on the topic “3EEE-Education, Employment and Employability”. We were in search of funds for providing refreshments to the students. We got the idea of collecting an amount of Rs.50/-from each student. We divided the work among us three to get it done faster. The money was collected by Santhi and Reethi while Ann contacted the guest speakers. For the creation of e-invite for the event, we approached our classmate Prince Naveen.
Once the guests confirmed their presence, the invites were sent to students and faculty of IIKM Chennai. Announcements were specially made in classes for students to be aware about the session.
On 10 August 2017, we held our first panel discussion. The guests briefed the students on Education, Employment and Employability. The opinions of guest speakers were analysed through a discussion with the moderator, Saranya Ma’am. Students were given opportunity to ask questions and clear their doubts. Rakhee Ma’am, CEO of IIKM Chennai felicitated both the guest with mementos. The compering for the event was done by the three of us with the help of our classmates. The guests were provided the refreshments after the session and group photos were taken. The management was kind enough to arrange the funds for the refreshments and mementos. The students were provided a notebook and pen at the beginning of the session and snacks such as samosa, cake and tea at the end of the event. The Canteen team SAFFS, a gig economy initiative arranged the snacks and tea. The distribution of souvenirs and snacks were done by Santhi and Reethi. Our classmates aided us with the photography. Thank you mails with photographs were sent to guest speakers. The highlights of the session were uploaded in the IIKM Blog by Ann.
For the first session, an amount of Rs.2750/- was collected as Registration fees. The expenses for stationery and refreshments came up to Rs.1072/- and a profit of Rs.1678/-was made. Individually we earned about Rs.559.3/-

The next panel discussion was held on 23 August 2017 on “My Startup Journey”, wherein we required two entrepreneurs. Again, contacts were obtained through Srikumar sir. Ann coordinated with the guest speakers while Santhi and Reethi took care of fee collection which was about Rs.30/- each. As in the last event, there were issues regarding payment and shortage of souvenirs, hence we planned to provide only fruit juice as refreshment for students. The e-invite prepared by Prince Naveen was sent to faculty and students by Reethi.
The guest speakers for the session were Mr. Mukund Rangarajan, CEO of Pedalbeat which is an indoor fitness studio and Mrs. Logeswari, Founder of Eventiaa, an event management enterprise. The moderator for this event was Ann Treesa. The talk was followed by the question & answer session. The guest speakers were felicitated by the CEO, Rakhee Ma’am. Mr. Mukund left early due to prior commitments. The refreshments were provided to Mrs. Logeswari. The students found this session more interesting than the former as the guest speakers talked about their life experiences. The compering and photography were done with help of classmates. Santhi and Reethi distributed the fruit juice packs without any hassle.
Ann Treesa sent the thank you mails along with photographs to the guest speakers and took care of the write up for the IIKM Blog.
An amount of Rs.1650/- was collected as Registration fees. The expenses were Rs.740/- and we made a profit of Rs.910/- from second event. It gave about Rs.303.3/- for each of us.
The cumulative profit was Rs.2588/- which provided each of us a sum of Rs.862.66/- each.
The above events would not have been possible without the management, staff, students and faculty of IIKM Business School.

The first panel discussion: Saranya Ma’am, Mr. Ram Srinivasan, Rakhee Ma’am, Dr. Manoj Rajan and Ann Treesa Jose (from left to right)

The second panel discussion: Professor Ramkhi Murugan, Santhi P, Mr. Mukund Rangarajan, Mrs. Logeswari, Rakhee Ma’am, Reethi Felisita and Ann Treesa (from left to right)

Corporate Talks Team:
Santhi P, Ann Treesa Jose and B.Reethi Felisita


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